Blue Mountain Sound :
The recording side of Blue Mountain Sound is progressing well. We've had some great projects in recently as you will see by going to our studio projects page.

We've completed the remodeling of the studio and greatly improved the sound reflections/absorption in the room. This will lead to further refinements in audio control. The previous sound panels have needed improvement for a while now. The new panels are fixed to the wall rather than free-standing and are more encompassing than the old.

There are some pics of the studio on the right that give you a clear indication of how it looks now.

Waves plugs continue to be the mainstay of the studio. We continue to be beta testers for this World leader in audio software production. The studio is consequently equipped with the full suite of Waves plugs. click on the link to go to their site and see what that means. From the older but still durable plugs such as the renaissance series through to the more recent, glorious, analog emulating software such as the Kramer tape, the beautiful NLS (non-linear summer), SSL's, V Series, PuigChild (Fairchild 606 and 607), CLA compressors etc etc etc. Plugs in all their glory and having no equal anywhere. We also test for Antares click on this link to see what else we have in our arsenal of plugs, and iZotope. All this plus Sony Oxford Eq's, Serato Pitch n Time, some great plugs from iZotope and various other eq's, reverbs (with our great favourite being the IR1 convolution reverb with all of the Acoustic. net spaces available.: Oh my God, you gotta hear it to believe it) and compressors. More than what is required to do what you need to have done with your music and to suit your taste.

Give me a call to discuss any project you may wish to bring in. Come and visit and see the studio if you want a project recorded. If you want one mixed or mastered here bring in an example and we'll do something to it for free to show you what is possible. If you want to try us out contact me . The details are in the link, so click on and start your next project now.

Big News!!!! For the studio is that we now have a MOBILE RECORDING CAPABILITY!!!!! So if you have a gig that you want recorded live get in touch and find out about our very competitive rates.

And if you want to know how well our clients regard us: This is also our new 'testimonial' page :-) Karl Javernig from The Dancing Fleas writes:" I have used Andy Busuttil and Blue Mountain Sound for three music recording projects. I thoroughly recommend him and his studio to anyone wanting a professional sound.
Recording is not my favourite thing to do but the relaxed atmosphere and Andy’s friendly professionalism and complete knowledge of his studio make the recording process easy and, dare I say, enjoyable.
I get very fussy in the’s got to be right...but Andy’s patience is always up to the challenge! He’s also a musician and he seems to ‘get’ what I mean.
The studio has a good selection of excellent mics and I’m always happy with the sound Andy gets from my acoustic instruments. His recording software is current and his approach to recording is meticulous so that mastering is quicker.
After the recordings all done he can also point you in the right direction with graphic design and production.
All round an enjoyable experience and professional outcome."











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