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Skorba! This is a great project based on the ancient and more recent history of the Maltese Archipelago. By now The Temples of Devotion has become well known to festival goers and concert devotees alike. We are currently recording our new CD which is about the Ottoman Invasion of Malta in 1565. The band has expanded from our initial trio of myself with John Robinson and Bertie McMahon to now include the wonderful Llew Kiek, best known for his role as lead strings with the Mara Band. If you want to listen to some samples of our first CD you can either go to my CD's page or to Skorba's website. The CD's are available from me at Blue Mountain Sound. Drop me an email or ring me for further info.

Skorba was initially formed to compose and play music about the fabulous Neolithic Temples of Malta. These extraordinary structures were built between 6 and 8 thousand years ago. They are the oldest known roofedfree-standing stone buildings anywhere in the World. To find out more about them visit the OTS Foundation Website The new project is sounding great and we are getting close to hitting the studio to record it.

Oud Vibrations is my second project and is a duet with John Robinson. John and I are soon to go up to the MEDAM camp in SE Queensland. We will be running some workshops there as well as taking part in the performances that will be happening all through the weekend.

The Bridge Project is a project of which I am very proud and was a bit of a ground breaker here in Australia. A band was formed just over 18 months ago between three who work with the Quality Assurance program with Waves Audio. Ittai Shaked is the Quality Assurance Coordinator and Umit Ceyhan and I are both beta testers in their software development program. Together we formed a band and recorded a great CD over the internet. You can hear it entirely here: 3 Waves Under The Bridge. What makes this band so special to me is that Umit is Moslem by birth, Ittai is Jewish by birth and I am Christian by birth. We wanted to get together to demonstrate that people from these divergent religious backgrounds could get together to produce a thing of beauty for a change instead of creating conflict. This CD was produced in its entirety before any of us had even met. It was all done by dropbox over the internet. I went to Israel in May this year to launch it and I had an absolute ball. What makes me very happy is the relationship we have formed with The Daniel Pearl Foundation. You can see us on their website when you scroll down the CD and DVD page and we are so privileged to be there. May I highly recommend you get a copy of A Mighty Heart and see the heartbreaking story of Daniel and discover the unbelievable response by his wonderful mother (Ruth Pearl) and father (Judea Pearl) to the tragedy of his death. I have spoken with Ruth and she truly moves me. What a wonderful wonderful woman.


There is a review that I treasure from John Shand of our live performance at the Camelot Lounge in March 2013: you can see it by clicking on this link

Equus: A further great project that John and I are involved with is called Equus. It has its origins, as its name implies, in the life of the horse. The hub of Equus is Bukhu Ganburghed, a great Mongolian horse-head fiddle player and throat singer. The trio consists of Bukhu, John and I and the quartet expands to include the extraordinary Tunji Beier, good friend and stunning musician/percussionist.











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