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Reclaim Your Voice: Stop The Punishment of Asylum Seekers

This album was put together specifically to raise funds for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre as a way of protesting our treatment of asylum seekers in detention. Donations were received from many musicians both nationally and, in the case of The Bridge Project, from abroad. It has some beautiful, heart-rending on occasions, quirky but always emotionally moving songs performed by those in the musical community who are generous of heart and those who have had enough of our brutalising of those who come to our shores looking for our help. Contact me if you want a copy. Every cent raised from the sales goes to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Contributors include those who are well known including Kavisha Mazzella, Shortis and Simpson, Getano Ban, Chris Wheeler, The Bridge Project and others who are not perhaps as well known, but who have performed beautifully crafted songs.

Equus: Dakshin Khun

Equus is a wonderful collaboration centred on the music of Mongolia as represented by Bukhu Ganburghed. The Australian flavouring of the project came from an idea I had when I recorded a solo album for Bukhu. I started to envisage what other instruments and players could contribute to the sound being produced by Bukhu's extraordinary vocal style and his playing of the horse-head fiddle. Enter South Indian percussion played by Tunji Beier, Middle Eastern, Turkish and Balkan lutes played by John Robinson and selection of winds including 3 made for me by Linsey Pollak , zurna, saxillo and little olive (based on Linsey's carrot clarini), octaved clarinet on Long Song, alto sax and various Irish whistles. If you want more info please go to the Equus home page by clicking on the link.

Skorba: Ħaġar Qim: Temples of Devotion

This CD is dedicated to the magnificent Neolithic Temples of Malta. It is a CD that is unique since it consists of what has been described by The Maltese Herald as 'Ancient Music of Malta'. This CD has fabulous compositions about the Temples and the Maltese Archipelago by John Robinson, Bertie McMahon and Andy Busuttil. Gorgeous tapestries of exotic strings, beautiful wind and vocals and striking percussion are woven for your pleasure. Now if you think THAT is waxing lyrical, wait until you hear the music. If you click on Ħaġar Qim or Merħba either one will give you the fully produced version. If you are outside of Australia you can easily purchase by clicking on this link otherwise drop me an email or give me a call and I'll be happy to sell you some of my music.

Pulse of the Pyramids

The Pulse of the Pyramids come in 2 volumes. They are a zils, darabuka and dance tutor. Each of them contains the following:
• a rhythm with accompanying lead zils or sagat,
• the same rhythm with lead darabuka
• and a tune or song taken from the Drum Arabic CD 'Hanina' which demonstrates the use of the rhythm with accompanying music.
• There are accompanying notes that explain the rhythms and some information on technique.
They've proven to be very popular with dancers wishing to teach their students movements to various Middle Eastern rhythms and playing the zils or sagat. They sell for $25 AUD each includes post and packaging. A bit more for international customers.
To hear an audio sample, click here:




Shekel and Hide: Shadows

Shekel and Hide is a band that formed after Drum Arabic ceased to be. Shekel played a great blend of accessible Middle Eastern and Balkan inspired music and wended its way into a more contemporary sound with the 'Wog 'n Roll Show' exemplified by the sample 'Desert Music'. The CD 'Shadows' reflects this mix. It's a great CD and has some great tracks on it. $25AUD includes p & p anywhere in Australia. A little bit more elsewhere in the world depending on postage. Get in quick for them. They're going fast.
To hear audio samples, click here and for a second click here:

Drum Arabic: Hanina

This CD is a real classic these days. It was made by Drum Arabic at its peak. Drum Arabic was one of the leaders in fusion Middle Eastern/World music. The music it played was taken up by many afficianados of Belly Dance. It was a fantastic project and yielded some high class music played by some high class players including Ranjith Madurapperuma, Risto Todoroski, and Yuri Halay. These CD's are $AUD25.00 each which includes p & p in Australia.
To hear an audio sample, click here:

Compania Azziz: Second Generation

The first recording produced by Andy Busuttil. It has some old gems on it with Risto Todoroski, Yuri Halay, Elly Franchimont and me. This CD has some great Balkan groove. Hear Risto at his wildest on clarinet. These CD's are currently in production. $AUD25.00 p & p included in Australia.
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Veli Toprak and Andy Busuttil: 'Kurdish Earth'

The most recent CD produced by Andy Busuttil. This CD features the stellar playing of Kurdish musician Veli Toprak with Andy on percussion and wind. There is some wonderful dance music on this CD which is absolutely suitable for Belly Dance as well as folk dance. Have a listen to the opening of Odasina Vardy´m to see what we mean. It's on the audio sample below.
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