Hi, I'm Andy Busuttil, and welcome to the section of the site dedicated to my playing and teaching. I am available to play percussion (darabuka, tapan/davul/dohol, Indijanke bongos, frame drum), winds (clarinet, alto sax, Linsey Pollak woodwinds, low and high Irish whistles etc) and voice as a session musician for your recordings. My session work can be done via the internet if it is hard for you to physically get here. I am available via dropbox to musicians anywhere in the World.

• I play the darabuka (tabla), a variety of other percussion instruments, various wind instruments including the clarinet, alto and soprano sax, various Linsey Pollak woodwinds (saxillo, zurna and 'Olive') as well as sing.
• I specialise in composing and performing music about the history of my homeland, Malta, and playing music sourced from the Middle East, Asia Minor and the Balkans.
• I get a real kick out of running workshops. I've run many workshops for folk festivals and for community groups around the country. The people who attend always have a great time and learn a lot about percussion and playing music.
• In Hazelbrook, in the Mid Mountains, I run a regular series of drum and percussion classes. No matter what your level or experience you're sure to have a great time and add to your skills.
• I perform, play sessions and accompany Middle Eastern and Balkan dancers. Some of the dancers I have played for include (amongst others): Tamara Williams, Devi Mamak and Ghawazi Caravan,Terezka, Belyssa, Joy Le Cerf, Sarah Hamilton, Helen Way, and Maria Masselos.
• Of course you can catch me regularly performing with Skorba, Asylum and Oud Vibrations.

"Musicians like Andy Busuttil are the heart and soul of music. Like all similarly besotted passionate souls , he plays, not for monetary gain or from a desire to feed his ego, but because he loves his music, he believes music is a common language that can bind us all closer together as human beings, and because he just plain bloody well enjoys it.! And he tries to communicate this passion and this sense of sharing and communication with his audiences in his performances. Andy may well be singing in Turkish, Kurdish, or whatever, but really he is singing in the common language of humanity - compassion, honesty, joy. What more can you want from music?"........ Eric Bogle

Thanks for the wonderfully kind words Eric!

Click here if you'd like to contact me about performance and workshop possibilities.

• My current passion and greatest delight is in performing with Skorba, the band that is becoming renowned for performing music about the history of Malta'. Check out Skorba's music here for some great samples to listen to.

My second passion is my band called 'Asylum' which plays music dedicated to the fair treatment of asylum seekers and refugees seeking assistance from Australia. Oud Vibrations is my signature duet with John Robinson who is a fabulous player of exotic strings.

  • Bands I have played with include: The Bridge Project, Skorba, Asylum, Xenos, Nakisa, Compania Azziz, Shekel and Hide, Drum Arabic, Hide and Sheik, Rivero, and Santouri and I have played guest spots with bands like the wonderful HaBiBis, Mara!, Amada, Blindmans' Holiday, Brassov, Shindig, The wonderful 'Gypsy Hot Club', Leyla Shakir and The Balkan Big Band as well as my fun R 'n R band 'The Receding Headliners' made up of oldies but goodies like myself.
    • I've been really lucky to have played with some brilliant musicians and other artists including Linsey Pollak, Eric Bogle and his band, Sivan Perwer, Christos Baltzidis, Ted Egan, Paul Koerbin, Veli Toprak, Jan Wositsky, John Derum, Shortis and Simpson, Margaret Roadnight, Kim Sanders, Margaret Walters, Risto Todoroski, Ranjith Madurapperuma, Tunji Beier, Blair Greenberg, Linda Marr and Graeme Johnson. And at this last Woodford Folk Festival the stunning Rachel Hore and Lenny Marks, and Middle Eastern (Israeli) group 'Mayaan'.
    • I'm also an audio engineer and record, mix and master bands and individuals.


         The CD's I've played on include all of the following. Some of these are availabel here, check out my CD's page.


         • Drum Arabic 'Hanina' 

         • Shekel and Hide 'Shadows' 

         • Andy Busuttil 'Pulse of the Pyramids Vol.1' and 

         • 'Pulse of the Pyramids Vol. 2' 

         • Compania Azziz 'Second Generation' 

         • Kurdish Earth 'Kurdish Earth' (self titled)   

         The Bridge Project : Three Waves Under The Bridge
         The Bridge Project: Peace by Peace
         The Bridge Project: Living in Hope

         Skorba: Hagar Qim: Temples of Devotion

         • World Without Borders (compilation World Music CD) 

         • Blindman's Holiday 'Airport Lounge' 

         • Eta Carinae 'A Star in Crisis' 

         • Rivero Ensemble 'Rivero' 

         • Julianne Spicer 'Yet to be Named' 

         • Peter Kennard 'Re-Light the Cauldron' 

         • Roger Corbett-Julie and Barry Henninger-Greg Seiler collaboration  'Girlz Klub' 

         • Newpin Choir 'Pinning it Together' 

         • Oonagh Sherard: Kappadocia 

         • Shindig: 'Out Standing' 

         • Gypsy Hot Club 'Dragonfly Cafe'. 

         • Steve Bevis: A Tropic of Conversation

         • Silvia Entcheva: 'If I Were a Bird'

         •  Luciano Mesiti: 'It's About Time'

         •  Rob Hanly: 'Unfolding'
         • Newpin Choir: Back on Track
            Chris Wheeler's 'Rain In The Mountains'
            Cliona Molins 'Golden Apples'

             Fiona Joy Hawkins and The Blue Dream Ensemble: 'Live At The Q'

             Melissa Robertson: 'My Beautiful World'
             Celine Yap: Little Foot/Be Brave
             Christina Mimmocchi: The Journey/Reclaim Your Voice
             The Bridge Project: Peace by Peace

             Equus: Dakshin Khun 

             Azadoota: Lishana Reclaim Your Voice:

            Stop The Punishment of Asylum Seekers